Sport Massage – what you didn’t know

DSCN0009Few doubt the benefit of massage in the sport medicine domain. Evidence is largely anecdotal, however there is an evolving body of evidence which suggests that massage, executed properly, is of tremendous benefit to the athlete.

The primary thrust of this discussion is to differentiated clearly between “Sport Massage” and “Generic/Spa” massage. This pertains to… Continue reading

The Conclusion on Concussion

Embedded in our culture are many active pastimes. Some in particular, such as hockey, and soccer, encourage activity among men and women of all ages. Most casual play, unlike competitive leagues, is non-contact. But injury is always a possibility.

With the onset of winter the arenas are full of hockey players of all levels. Unfortunately… Continue reading

Asthma, a therapist’s perspective

While the causes and pathophysiology of asthma are complex and much discussed, there are a number of straightforward techniques that can relieve some of the most bothersome signs and symptoms.

Asthma is a disease of respiration – breathing. And yes, while at the tissue level the absorption of oxygen is affected resulting in very laboured… Continue reading