Johnathan MaisterWho is Jonathan Maister?

Jonathan is a Canadian Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Athletic Therapist with a further specialty and certification in Sport Massage. At this time, only, 4 people across Canada have all three of these designations!

Have you any idea how versatile Jonathan is?

Jonathan Maister has successfully treated a myriad of conditions. His manual based practice focuses on soft tissue but he has assisted with many non soft tissue based conditions as well e.g. chronic swelling, sinusitis, post surgical pain.
Chiropractic care marries well with soft tissue treatment. Joint positioning and the nervous system, which are the domain of the Chiropractor, are frequently the final step required in ensuring the complete healing of a soft tissue condition. Conversely, soft tissue integrity is often needed to ensure total resolution of an injury treated with Chiropractic.

Jonathan has frequently brought substantial relief and, depending on the condition, complete resolution.

Tell me about his clinical practice?

Jonathan’s focus is Orthopaedics/Sport Medicine based but he always welcomes clients for a relaxation massage.

What is his educational background?

He is a graduate of the University of Cape Town with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Economics. Sheridan College and ICT Kikkawa College are his alma maters in Canada for Athletic Therapy and Massage Therapy respectively.

Did you know that Jonathan is a dedicated committee person?

Jonathan served as provincial president for the Canadian Sport Massage Therapists Association from 1998 – 2001. He chairs the Education Committee for the national body of the Canadian Sport Massage Therapists Association.

2010 to 2011 he served as Chapter President for the Champions Chapter of Business Network International, (BNI)

He is also a cofounder and project principle for the York Region Solar Power Initiative, established October 2009

What about his role as an educator?

From 1996 he has been integrally involved with the Canadian Sport Massage Therapists Association with whom he is certified as a Sport Massage Therapist. He is one of this organization’s foremost educators having presented courses at conferences in Toronto 2009, Edmonton 2010.

He has presented at the conference of the Registered Massage Therapy Association of Ontario (Waterloo 2005) and he has twice conducted workshops on Sport Massage (Toronto 2009, Ajax 2010)

Jonathan had presented twice at Massage Therapy Expo for Massage
Therapy Canada (Burlington 2007, 2008)

Jonathan is an author

Jonathan has written numerous articles over the years for both the Athletic Therapy and Massage Therapy professions. His professional work includes academic articles on sport medicine, massage, as well as reviews of books and videos.

His general body of work includes numerous poems, general interest items (fiction and non fiction, travel) and has appeared in the Toronto Star, Travel section in Decenmber 2001.

Artcles have been published in Healthy Living Magazine Volume 9, Issue 1, 2012: Concussion, would you know what to do

Jonathan has been internationally recognized!

Jonathan has been profiled twice in Massage Therapy journals for his contribution to the profession:

Massage Magazine USA, April 2003

Massage Therapy Canada, Winter 2003

Did you know that Jonathan has travelled internationally in his profession?

Jonathan was team therapist for the Canadian Masters Track & Field Team. He was responsible for a team of over 70 Masters Athletes at the World Association of Veteran Athletes Championships, Durban South Africa 1997 and Gateshead England 1999.

Jonathan was team therapist for the Israeli Junior Hockey Team at the World Junior Hockey Championships, Sofia, Bulgaria 1997.

Jonathan was part of the Team Canada Core Medical staff at the Maccabi Games, July 2013.